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Hi everyone, it’s been a while so many apologies for being away.  Hope you’re all having a good start to the New Year.

Just asking around...software updates for the A6.  I know there is a new Navigation SD card update for my vehicle, but I was wondering whether there is any updates to the existing MMI system and Bluetooth.

I have a 2016 (66 Plate) Audi A6 2.0 TDI Ultra 190PS S-Tronic.  

On the MMI system, the version information is as follows;

Software Version:  RMC_EU_P16092

Navigation Database Version:  8X0919884J - P32-50-15.03

Bluetooth Software Version:  3.70.3

I am just having issues with my Apple iPhone 8 Plus which connects normally but takes an age to start playing music from my Music Library.  Sometimes when trying to play, the Bluetooth on the MMI which automatically switch the Discovery OFF or will turn the Bluetooth OFF.  Audi Customer Service refused to believe there was any issue with the vehicle although advised me to see my local Audi Service Centre (which I have not done yet).

I have since removed ALL paired devices, reset my Network data on the iPhone and started again.  It connects a tad faster but it’s pretty much the same and when making phone calls, whether it’s a 3G or 4G call,I get a horrible scratching sound during the ringtone and during the call.  I’ve had to cancel calls before because of the noise and poor signal.

Im just enquiring to see if there are any updates and whether this will fix any issues I am experiencing.


Thank you all for your time and assistance.

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I dunno anything about 66 plate A6s, I recently bought a 14 plate A4. There's an update on cd for my MMI, but it's well over 200 quid for it from Audi. The geeza there said I was lucky mine was on cd, some will only update off an sd card and those are double the price 😲

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Hey Wes. My 2016 Q3 does exactly the same. Same Bluetooth version etc. I rang Audi uk to ask if there was an update, they didn’t know. The local dealership want to look at it (and charge me a fortune no doubt). They can’t tell me if there an update either ...... well, I say ‘can’t’ perhaps it’s won’t.

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I just went in to the Audi dealership near where I work, taking the MMI instalation cd in with me. I had 2 questions, is there an MMI and map update, and about linking the 'My Audi' app to my car.

They told me my car was too old and didn't have the software or hardware to link to My Audi. Also that there was an update for my MMI and maps on cd which would cost me well over 200 quid, 276 if I remember right.

I didn't buy my car from an Audi dealer and have never been to this place before. They couldn't have been nicer. The information was free, however, I wasn't offered coffee either.

I did buy an Audi A4 key fob while I was there 😄

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Thank-you for your replies guys...sorry for my delay in acknowledging them.

Sorry you guys are also experiencing a few queries regarding the MMI system.  I am still yet to visit my Audi Service Centre as I cannot seem to get the time to visit them.  I knew every year there is a MAP update but at a silly price, but to carry out the Navigation Update/Upgrade you first need to upgrade the MMI system, but I am unaware whether the MMI is updated with the Navigation installation or if it is a separate software install.

About a year ago, I only enquired with my Service Centre regarding the Navigation upgrade and I was quoted £285.00 (ouch) for the MMI/Navigation upgrade but they would need to order the Navigation software and I would need to book the vehicle in and not just turn up.  With the 2019 Navigation software, I can only guess the price would still be near the £300 marker which I do not agree with but rumour has it, with the upgrade, the vehicle needs to be plugged in to the Audi Engineers computer and have a few things tweaked, so the installation cannot be done at home.  This is just a rumour though so I could be very much mistaken.

Okay, I can purchase a decent TomTom device (with WIFI and Bluetooth) for £200 but I do not like this idea of using a TomTom device when my vehicle has Navigation built-in, so I would be tempted to get an amended quote and maybe have my vehicle booked-in.  At least I will not be doing this Annually.


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